Our Mission

Operating within a set of core values, we strive to empower our clients by supplying products that enable them to better their efficiency with regard to their operation.
As better efficiency is needed to achieve higher productivity, our products are focussed on this area.
Our mission is to raise our client's profits (and/or reduce losses) by applying our products to their operations.

Company Profile

Electrolee was formed in 1989 and is an independent, privately owned business. It serves a client base throughout Southern Africa as well as abroad.
Our products are manufactured in-house under strict quality control and sold with a three year guarantee.
In order to provide our valued customers with products which are increasingly a better solution for a particular problem, as well as more cost efficient, Electrolee invests substantially into research and development.
Our daily work is to joyfully innovative the future.
In the course of product design, many fields of discipline have to be mastered to some degree.
Some of those include:

  • Software development (Microprocessors)
  • Electronic circuit design and system integration
  • Mechanical design regarding product enclosure and other mechanical parts
  • Plastic resin molding

Our products are well known as "good value for money".

Proudly made in South Africa

As a company rooted in the warmth of Africa, knowing the challenges of both the elements and the end user, our products stand proudly amongst the world's best.

Service Emphasis

Where a product was sold, a long term relationship starts with quality service.
Our service emphasis is on doing things speedily and correct the first time.